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“I love sarcastic people with high vocabularies”

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Una has essentially no natural memories of Adelaide. She knows the ocean isn’t actually her mother, but it’s a comforting thought she’s always entertained. Captain Barnaby wedding the spirit of the ocean sounds much cooler than Captain Barnaby wedding a blonde woman who liked dogs.


Barnaby and Una have always been close. They’re each other’s sole blood relations (as far as Una is aware). Some of her fondest memories of him revolve around food—whenever he would eat by himself instead of with the crew, Una would elect to join him. In these private, easy-going moments, they were just father and daughter, not captain and crew. 

In the future, she will attempt to communicate with him by sending letters to the past.


They don’t exist. Hardly anyone in that time had grandparents. Unless their children married young and got busy quickly, most parents didn’t live long enough to see their grandchildren. Una figures that if the ocean is her mom, Mother Earth and Father Time must be her grandma and grandpa.


Una is slightly disconcerted by her perverse maternal streak. If you’re in your early twenties, you can’t adopt teenage boys no matter how much you like to think of them as your “sons”. And she…doesn’t. Not exactly. She likes the concept of collecting a family.

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                                                 best friend

People aren’t permanent. Even if she might be fond of someone, she knows it’s only a matter of time before either she leaves or they do. Forming lasting bonds is difficult. It’s much easier to spout declarations of love and act chummy right off the bat to at least pretend her relationships aren’t as superficial as they actually are.

Sometimes she finds herself wondering if she really has any friends at all so much as a sea of acquaintances.

Shannon Arcuni comes closest to a “real” best friend, but even he’s a stretch.

She doesn’t really think of Grey as a friend as much as she says she does.


As sharp as she is, Una has a startling lack of self-awareness. What she says she wants and what she actually wants match up less often than not. She still hasn’t caught on.

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Adelaide Stark might have had little in the way of academic knowledge, but she was incredibly perceptive when it came to emotion and motivation. She could play people just as well as she could play a harp. Una gets a good portion of her manipulative streak from her.

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Relationship Headcanons


Send my muse one (or more) of the following symbols for a headcanon about their relationship with that person

♀ for a mother headcanon 

♂ for a father headcanon

♖ for a sister headcanon

ψ for a brother headcanon

↹ for a best friend headcanon

▲ for an enemy headcanon

✻ for an old best friend headcanon

✤ for a grandparents headcanon

♘ for a favorite teacher headcanon

❀ for a boy/girlfriend headcanon

☮ for a self headcanon

✆ for an ex headcanon 

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