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Oh, know the perils, read the signs,
the warning history shows,
for our Hogwarts is in danger
from external, deadly foes

And we must unite inside her
or we’ll crumble from within
I have told you, I have warned you…
let the Sorting now begin.

I’ve been waiting for this gifset <3 look how great is is that the houses are interacting and not everything is so black-and-white-and-we-all-hate-slytherin. I love it. 


How much do you want to bet that the Gryffindors and Slytherin just get together to complain about how hard the homework is.

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heading off for now. tomorrow (later today, more like) i’ll try to get a wider variety of owed replies out (ha), but i’m putting priority over a couple pictures i’ve been wanting to draw.

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        There was something to be said for the inventiveness of 21st century technology. In a span of ten minutes, she’d managed to watch a video of a singing rabbit, start reading an article on toilet paper orientation, then promptly lose interest in the article and begin playing a game of cards—all on a little box of metal, glass, and plastic.

        It was only after she bungled the game of Solitaire that she became aware of the tail end of a question pointed at her. How long had the woman been talking? She had no idea. Sheepishly, her head rose. Er, sorry. I didn’t quite catch that. Would it bother you terribly to repeat it?

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"Nah, I was pretty much done anyway, and, I imagine you came in to tell me something? It’s either that, or you were aware of my nudity, which says all sorts of strange things about your powers." Howard chuckled, "And then I imagined Peter Porker with Nudity sense."

"Right! I came to tell you—" She frowned, wrinkling her nose. "To tell you…lord, I can’t remember it now." It bugged her, but she reasoned that if it was important enough, she wouldn’t have forgotten. "But I’m nearly one hundred percent certain my powers don’t work like that, and I’m more than certain I don’t plan on jumping through hoops to visit this particular occasion again.” Her eyes widened. “Oh, yes—! Not what I came here to tell you, but you said you like seeds, right? I picked up sunflower and pumpkin at that convenience store down the block.”

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"That’s pretty impressive nonetheless. How long have you been stuck in this century, then?"

He brought up and waved both of his hands around vaguely, “I couldn’t say for certain, due to the infinite complexities of the multiverse. I mean, it’s extremely likely that she exists in this universe, the problem lies in the fractal like nature of choices in her life. If she didn’t do everything in this universe the way she did in the one I met her in, it’s possible she might not be a lawyer, might not be in New York, hell, she might be dead. And I’m afraid I don’t know anyone else who could easily point me at a gathering of superheroes…”

"I said, didn’t I? Two years. I’ve been a prisoner of this century for two years now." Or just about. With all the jumping back and forth she’d done, it was hard to keep track of the exact amount of time.

She ran a hand through her hair and blinked, trying to latch onto his every word. Multiple planets were easy enough to understand. They formed the basis of numerous science fiction movies. It was simple. Multiple universes took a greater degree of comprehension. She had to bite her tongue to keep from rattling off a laundry list of questions. Instead, she sighed.

"So we’re looking for a woman who may not even exist, or who may exist but not as the same person you once knew. She may or may not be in New York, possibly north of Albany. Essentially, we’ve got nothing at all to work with. Nothing concrete.” Her lips formed a taut line. “I cannot say I like our odds, but I suppose I’ve seen worse.” She raised her glass. “So much is happening—or will be happening—so fast. It’s a lot to take in in one night. I think I’d rather consider the details in the morning.”

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Howard shrugged, “Couldn’t say for sure, I’ve only ever known Beverly’s response to me. We ended up in bed once, but she was drunk, and I pulled away. The girls at the burlesque made jokes and theories about me, when they thought I was out of hearing range, but nothing ever came of that. Mostly, I think women find me cute, or cuddly, or what have you. Again, riding the line of their ‘Weird’ limits…”

Una snorted a laugh and left her post at the door, standing straight once again. “You most definitely look cuddly, I’ll give you that. With those soft feathers I believe you must be as comfortable to hug as a pillow.” She decided not to mention her burgeoning predilection for humanoid non-humans—robots, elves, and the like. It spoke volumes about her “‘weird’ limits” but didn’t exactly encompass him. “Do you want me to leave you to your meditation, then? It wasn’t my aim to break your concentration.”

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Howard held a hand up to his bill for a moment, about to ask ‘What special talent?’ but looked up when he figured it out, “Wait, you can move through time unassisted? I can see why they would be interested in you. The problem with a phone book is I’m not exactly sure what county she’s in, if she’s even still there. Somewhere north of Albany is all I really remember. So, yeah.”

Her tongue pressed against one side of her mouth, puffing the cheek out sheepishly. “That’s correct. I don’t need anything but myself—and so you would think I’d be able to go home all on my own, but no. No, I’ve never been able to make nearly as big a leap through time as I did that first jump. No idea if I’ve just…exhausted my batteries, or…” It seemed obvious to her that if she had the power to make the trip one way, she’d also be able to go in the reverse. The problem was that the first trip had been accidental. The situation was difficult to replicate.

"That does put a damper on everything, yes, but there must be a way to locate her. She couldn’t possibly be that hard to find, not when she’s so close…hopefully. How likely is it that she’s moved out of state? If we must search the entire United States, then our chances of finding her are considerably lesser. Is there no one else—someone likely close by, I mean—who could help out?”

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♣ (i swear im gonna get back onto this blog this weekend)

        Una grinned like a cat with a fresh saucer of milk at the sight of her husband changing. Clothes, not forms. Even if he was a little insecure about his hairy figure, she adored it. Couldn’t imagine him any other way. If he ever waxed like he’d mentioned thinking about before, he just wouldn’t be Mario. She rose to her knees from her position on the bed and wrapped her arms around him from behind, relishing his warmth. “Hana’s fast asleep,” she whispered to his ear, “And I’ve run down the batteries on both my phone and my Kindle.” She kissed his cheek. “Whatever shall I do for entertainment now?” Read a book, maybe. Her fingers reached up to curl lightly into Mario’s hair.

        “Huh. It’s getting a bit long. You’re really keen on that ‘growing it out’ bit, aren’t you?” Carefully, she took a lock of his hair between two fingers and smoothed it from root to tip, trying to gauge its length. “How long did you say you wanted it?” A quick giggle pushed past her lips. “Any longer and you’ll be able to start tying it back. It’s the 18th century all over again.”

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[Whispers in ear] I want to do the dirtiest things to you. {pass on to the first 10 blogs on your dash and see their reaction}.

It took her a long time to process what he’d said. Once or twice, her mouth open and shut soundlessly. It took a lot to leave her completely speechless. He deserved a prize. Her eyes searched up toward the ceiling and her cheeks flushed pink as she tried to work out the logistics of the situation. When her focus shifted back to his face, she settled on a weak chuckle. The blunt approach was best.

"Sorry, but I don’t think you’ve got the right parts to keep me up all night."

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"I’m surprised that was still in question. I thought we’d established that fact already." He blinked slowly, turning to look at Una directly, "Okay, well, I think I might need a bit of assistance, then. In what way are you enjoying this?I can be spiritual, I mean, it’s not an extremely common thing, but it does happen."

She rolled her eyes. They did establish it, but this was slightly different. “Before, you were a duck in a suit. Now you’re just a duck.” Her head tipped to the side in mock innocence. “And it’s a bit funny, a duck meditating. I don’t mean to sound speciesist, it’s just a rare sight. Thought maybe you’d fallen asleep. That and, well—” she paused for a moment, struggling to frame her question. “—I mean, what do you expect? Do human women normally find you attractive?”

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